Mrauk U

Mrauk U, like much of Rakhine State, is situated in a coastal tropical monsoon rainforest climate region. The town receives over 1,200 millimetres (47 in) of rain a year from the Southwestern Monsoon, making it one of the wettest regions in Myanmar. The Monsoon season usually begins in late May and ends by mid October.

Although located in a tropical region, Mrauk U enjoys lower temperatures when the Northeastern Monsoon falls. From mid October to mid March during the Cool Season, temperatures can drop to 13 °C (55 °F). This season coincides with the tourist season for Myanmar.

The rainfall on 19 July 2011 was nearly 24 centimetres (9.4 in), the highest for 33 years. There was flood because of continuous heavy rains in July 2011.

Dukkanthein Mrauk UVisiting Mrauk U in Myanmar is like a whole new experience. The city, with hundreds of temples and pagodas, form a jaw-dropping sight in the hills across the northern part of Rakhine State. These temples and Pagodas are roughly split into Northern, eastern, southern and western groups. They are primarily day to day places of worship for local villagers however, you can find on some temples that there is a little information in English such as the date of construction and name. You will be able to see the locations of most of the temples and pagodas on maps that can be picked up for free at most hotels. The northern part is probably the most highly concentrated part in Mrauk U, but also the best sunset viewing point and easily walk able from the town. The most famous structure which sits in the northern part is the Shittaung Pagoda. Unfortunately, it is not quite ‘original’ as there have been concrete fillings, but it still remains roughly the same. The interior however is still in great tact with some vivid colors to be explored and long history too. The eastern and southern groups are much more spread out and broadly speaking not as big with the exception of the Kothaung temple although, they are still a must on any visit to Mrauk U. The best thing to do is a southern to eastern loop which will allow you to explore many of the temples. The Kothaung temple is will definitely be one of the highlights of your trip to Mrauk U with the astonishing 90,000 Buddha images it is believed to contain. The main town itself is centered around the unfortunate crumbling walls of the palace and is best explored by bike. There are simple places to eat in the town which are in the surrounding areas of the palace and include tea houses and beer stations.

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