Shin Thi Wa Li ChaungShin Thi Wa Li Chaung ( Sagaing )

Shin Thi Wa Li Chaung where will become a proud heritage for the next generation Myanmar is one of the most culturally prosperous and Buddhist countries in the history of Myanmar, one of the proudest countries in the world. The presence of the pagoda, which is not to be pointed, is also one of the prides of Myanmar. Now, there is a valuable place in which the Dharma is being carved out of stone and striving to set the Guinness World Record.

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Shin Thi Wa Li Chaung

There are 1,370 Stupas in Shin Thi Wa Li monastery in Sagaing Division. In each Stupas, the AdGaMaharParNita Mogoke Sayadaw teaches of the Dharma, that sculptured the four surfaces of the stupas.

There are 1370 Stone inscriptions (5480 stones pages) largest manuscript, that It is set to surpass the record of 730 stone inscriptions (1460 stones pages) of the World Biggest Book Mandalay Ku Tho Daw Pagoda in the Mandalay.

The Dharma Temple is 20 feet high and the diameter of the inscription is 10 feet. Each stone is 6 feet high. Each pagoda is divided into seven teams, each costing K 70 million.

 How to get there!

To get from Mandalay, you must cross the Yadanabon Bridge (Sagaing Bridge) and drive along the road to the south of Sagaing. As you drive along Sagaing Hill Road, About 10 minutes in advance, the International Buddhist Education Center (IBEC); You will find a map of Shinawalli Wildlife Sanctuary. When drive in the right direction and soon will see the entrance of the Shin Thi Wa Li Chaung Monastery. The journey from Mandalay to Sagaing Shin Thi Wa Li Chaung is only an hour and a half from two hours.

Shin Thi Wa Li Chaung

Note these Points:

❌ At religious places, remove footwear, but to remove headwear is not necessary.

❌ Avoid shouting or laughing.

❌ Avoid being a nuisance when taking photographs.

❌ Tread Buddha images with respect.

❌ Tuck away your feet. Don’t point it toward the pagoda or a monk.

❌ Don’t play loud music in these areas. Note that Buddhist monks are not allowed to listen to music.

❌ Do not put Buddha statues or images on the floor or somewhere inappropriate.

❌ Don’t touch sacred objects with disrespect. Hold them in your right- hand, or with both hands.

❌ Leave a donation when possible.

❌ Show respect to monks, nuns, and novices (even if they are children).

❌ Don’t offer your hand to shake hands with a monk.

❌ Sit lower than a monk and elders.

❌ Don’t offer food to a monk, nun, or a novice after noon time.

❌ A woman should not touch a monk.

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