Ahlodawpyae Bagan Myanmar

Name: Ahlodawpyae Temple
Built by: King Kyansittha
Built in: AD 1194
Style: Early 13th century Late Bagan Period
Location: At Old Bagan
Monument Number: No. 374

Ahlodawpyae Temple

Ahlodawpyae means “Fulfillings of wishes”. Ahlodawpyae pagoda is located between the new Bagan and the village of Bagan. This pagoda has the style of tradition between the first period and the intermediate period of Bagan. It still expresses traces of the Pyu culture, with the stupa placed on the superstructure, which preceded the arrival by Sikkhara as in Nat Hlaung Kyaung then in Nanpaya, the first temples of bricks, a temple which one thinks that the origins were one century earlier. The structure of the pagoda is simple, the hall opens in the east, and the sanctuary is of square form with windows which open on north and the south. On the terrace a small pagoda of pyramidal form is placed. Between the hall and the sanctuary the passage is very flat, as most of the monuments made during King Kyanzittha’s period. Wall paintings are interesting which often show Buddha in the position of Dharmacakramudra with its disciples on each side.

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